The Kingdom of Norta

The story of Red Queen takes place in the Kingdom of Norta, which is a very unpleasant place to live. It is a kingdom divided by the color of blood, silver, and red. Because of their blood, Silvers have superpowers that include things like mind control, control of fire, and super strength. Their powers allow them to control the kingdom and keep the red bloods from having any political power. But just because the Silvers have control doesn’t mean their lives are any better.

In the book, Silvers use their power to put fear into the Reds. In Red villages, there are arenas used by Silvers to show off how strong they are to the Reds. They make it mandatory for Reds to watch them beat each other up so everyone knows just how powerful they are. This isn’t the only fear factor though. Norta is in a pointless war with a neighboring kingdom, and they conscript any functioning Reds that are without jobs into the army. It keeps the Red population from growing larger and encourages the Reds to get jobs that help the Silvers. The Silvers use fear to keep themselves higher on an economic and political level.

Norta is run by a Silver monarchy. The king and queen are supposed to be the two strongest Silvers in the kingdom so no one can stand up to them. They make all the rules that keep the Reds from having any power, and to keep other sivers from trying to take the throne. Reds don’t have a say in the war, they don’t have a say in conscription, and they don’t have a say in the work system. The Silvers use all these things to stay on top, to be the rulers of the kingdom, and the Reds know it, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Reds get no say in their government and it keeps them from being anything but slaves.

Silvers may seem like they have it all. Political power, superpowers, and tons of money, but really their life is almost as bad as the Red’s. Since the Silvers have the Reds do everything for them, they are left with very few things. Silvers either lounge around, fight each other for power, train to be more useful with their superpowers, or go off to the war, usually at a very young age. If Silvers are sent out to war, it is most often before they even become teenagers. Their parents send them off for them to develop their powers, but the effects of killing people as a child must be traumatizing. If they don’t go to war they can still become fighters by being put into arenas where they fight each other and show the Reds. But if they do not find a way to use their powers, they end up sitting around, ending up in bars, doing nothing but drinking and watching some odd form of television. So they either have to develop their powers from a young age, and just fight for their whole life, or end up as a drinker doing nothing.

The Kingdom of Norta is a very dangerous place to live. No matter what color your blood is, this place leads to a terrible life. Reds are servants to the Silvers who have complete control over the kingdom, they are constantly thrown into a war and killed without any say. They have to live in constant fear that their captors may use their powers against them, especially considering how violent they are. Silvers live very boring and lonely lives. They either fight each other for power, sit around drinking, or go to war at an extremely young age. The king and queen can still do anything they want even to the Silvers, they have someone to fear just like the Reds. The Kingdom of Norta is not somewhere you want to live no matter who you are.


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