The Most Interesting, Inspiring, and the Worst Characters from Throne of Glass


Throne of Glass Characters

The book ThroneImage result for throne of glass of Glass by Sarah J. Maas has many different and diverse characters shown throughout the book. There are characters who are loveable, funny, or really sarcastic. Like Princess Nehemia, Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol. On the other hand, there are characters who are annoying, rude, and unpleasant. In other words, people you wouldn’t want to surround yourself with, like Kaltain, Cain, and the king for example. With all these diverse characters, it was hard to pick who was the most interesting, the most inspiring, and who was the all-around worst character in the story. Nehemia was the most interesting, Celaena was the most inspiring, and Cain was chosen as the worst character, all for their own individual reasons.

Princess Nehemia, the dark-haired princess from Eyllwe was very interesting to me for many reasons. From the time that Celaena met Nehemia, until the end where Nehemia told Celaena that she came to the palace to spy on what the king does, Celaena wondered why the princess would go to the home of the man who took over her kingdom. When we first meet the princess, we find out she knows a little bit of the common tongue but it is very broken. Nehemia asks Celaena to help her learn how to speak more of the language and she agrees, as long as Nehemia helps her learn her language. Closer to the end of the book, Celaena goes to the library one night, she sees Nehemia reading a book that should be too hard for her to be reading as she shouldn’t know the common tongue that well. To me, that is really interesting because she didn’t reveal to Celaena that she knew more than she let on even though she became good friends with Celaena. One last reason I think Nehemia is a really interesting character is that she knows how to use the Wyrdmarks. The fact that she even knows about them is interesting because there isn’t much public knowledge about the Wyrdmarks because the king banned magic.

Inspiring. The dictionary definition is having the effect of inspiring someone. To me, an inspiring person is someone who makes their own decisions and doesn’t just do whatever everyone else does. In Throne of Glass Celaena stood out to me as a character who isn’t that afraid to make her own decisions or tell people what she wants. For example, Chaol told her that she wasn’t invited to the ball for some reason or another, but Celaena didn’t really care about the consequences, she just went. To me, that is inspiring because even though it may have been somewhat wrong to go when she was told not to, she made her own decision, and found a way to go. Another reason Celaena is an inspiring character is that at the age of 18 she was already notorious for being Ardalan’s Assassin. Even though most people didn’t know that the Assassin was a young girl or even that she was a girl for that matter. What is inspiring about that is that she was able to keep a secret as big as that for that long. One last reason that she is a very inspiring character is because she survived the Salt Mines of Endovier, a death camp for most who are sent there. Someone who survives a place where people last a couple months at most for a year should be someone who should be admired.

For the worst character, Cain was picked. For the duration of the book, Cain was always putting Celaena down, trying to make her feel bad about herself. Also, he is the worst character, in my opinion, because he was cheating to win the competition. He was using Wyrdmarks to summon a monster to kill his competition so he could be the winner of the competition to become the king’s champion. By summoning the monster to kill his opponents, he would gain their strength. He became bigger and stronger throughout the book. In the middle of the book, when Celaena was in the passage, Cain trapped her with the Ridderak, the monster Cain summoned to kill the others. He left her to die and by Celaena dying, he would gain her strength. Leaving someone to die is one of the worst things you could do to another person, besides murdering. That is why I chose Cain as the worst character.

All in all, there are many diverse characters shown throughout the book and it difficult to chose just three different characters who are the most interesting, the most inspiring, and the worst character. There are many factors that play into why Nehemia was the most interesting, Celaena the most inspiring, and Cain the worst character in Throne of Glass.

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