The Worst Protagonist in Cinder – Levana


The definition of “worst” is most severe, serious, and dangerous. Someone who is the worst is someone who has no good intent or is the least liked, per se. The book Cinder is about a cyborg girl trying to get away from home, and along the way she finds out certain things about herself, falls in love, and meets new people. Queen Levana of Luna, who is the antagonist in this series, is evil, manipulative, and intimidating. She fits the definition of the word “worst” perfectly. These are just a few of the many reasons why she is the worst character in the book, Cinder.

Firstly, Queen Levana is extremely unpleasant and harmful. In the book she is afraid of losing her position on the throne, so she decides to burn baby Princess Selene in attempts of killing her and retaining her royal spot. This is savagely foul, for killing anyone is horrid, but killing an innocent baby is ten times viler. Also, once she found that Princess Selene, also known as Cinder, was still alive and living on Earth she decided to have people search for her and throw her in jail. This shows that she is inexplicably horrible and malicious because the attempt of murder and the imprisonment of an innocent is absolutely wrong and evil.

Furthermore, Levana has the tendency of being extremely manipulative. As a Lunar she can make people believe that they are seeing something that they are not and control people. She is actually an ugly creature but uses her special abilities to make humans see otherwise. She uses this to her advantage when she comes to Earth and tries to make Prince Kai marry her. For example, in the book when Kai first saw her he was in a trance which took all of he could muster to come out of her “spell.” Levana uses her “powers” to distort how people think or perceive things, which is quite horrible to be precise.

Finally, she is utterly intimidating and grossly ugly. When Prince Kai was in the meeting room with her and she got served a mirror, she had tried to get the server to scoop out their own eyeball, in front of everyone, which is a gruesome sight that shows her strength. Also, when at the ball she tried to mind control Cinder into shooting herself, which is absolutely terrifying and it showed the citizens of New Beijing what she can and will do. What may be more terrifying and intimidating is the fact that she has a “hidden” army on Luna that is ginormous, that she will use any chance she can if a war is announced between Earth and Luna. Overall, she is tremendously frightening and a horrifying sight.


To conclude, being immensely menacing, controlling, and extremely terrifying make Levana a horrible character. She is actually quite interesting in the fact that she dislikes mirrors, for they show who she truly is, which is the like the mirror in Snow White. The mirror in Snow White tells and shows the evil queen, Queen Grimhilde, the absolute truth. Like Grimhilde, Levana is very disgusted with how she actually looks, which contributes to her being the absolute and utter worst. I think that Cinder should overthrow the throne and take control because Levana is not deserving of this honor.


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