Why You Should Read the Throne of Glass?


51CZSawI1sLHave you ever read the book called the Throne of Glass? Well if not, I think you should, especially if you’re into romance, fantasy, or mystery. This story incorporates all of these themes into one. One reason I decided to read this book is that it kept me on the “edge of my seat…Up until now I didn’t really like reading. All the books I was choosing were boring and there was no excitement. Then I started reading Throne of Glass.This book gets so good that it is hard to set the book down.

A Little Bit About The Book

The Throne of Glass is about the young and very capable Celenna facing overwhelming odds.She is an assassin who got captured and was sent to the mines of Endovier. Celenna took up an offer with Dorian to compete and test her abilities.Whoever wins has a chance to become the king’s champion. In return, she would be paid well and rewarded further for her freedom.

Celenna later becomes friends with Prince Dorian and his best friend and captain of the royal guards, Chaol. When she gets to the castle she starts her training to be the best assassin. Meanwhile, her relationship with Dorian and Chaol starts to take a romantic turn.

While she is focused on her training. The other champions are being killed off one by one. With the help of her friends and princess Nehemia, Celenna was able to train and get strong enough to compete against the worst of all, Cain. Just before the last fight, to see who will win, for the last round are given wine. Celenna later finds out the wine was poisoned.

Some questions people often ask is what happens next? Who does Celaena end up with? And who becomes the king’s champion? As you can see, this book has many different aspects. Some things that interested me is how the book is not all about love There are some mystery and confusion that you have to discover.

So, if I were you I would give this book a chance and read it.

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