Kaijus and Nature

An egg, such a small thing to the parent with such big meaning inside

However, to a kaiju, it’s big on the outside with such small meaning

The poor creature the minute it hatches forever an enemy to its parents . . .

 And an enemy to humans


Kaijus are monsters like Godzilla and Mothra, monsters the size of buildings

But has anyone ever wondered what its like for them as babies, alone, lost . . . sad

Kaijus truly are “Strange Beasts” as their name suggests in Japanese

And I believe the reason they attack, is because that’s all they know about survival


The nature of kaijus is to destroy and recreate

destroy a building and manmade structures and create nature

Nature is nice when it wants to be, but in the end, nature always wins

the kaijus represent nature

while the building represents humanities takeover and mistakes,

we’re not saving nature we’re destroying it.


The kaijus’s egg is hatching I’ve got to go

just remember this, to whoever may read this

when you destroy nature, nature destroys you,

just like in the movies and in real life 




Image result for nature winning the battle against civilization

nature will always take over, whether now or in the future


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