The City of Bones

81HEigvquWLIn City of Bones, the Institute is the place where the main characters live. However, is it an inviting place to be? I believe that it is indeed an inviting setting. There were many areas of the Institute devoted to keeping the Shadowhunters healthy and happy. There was the fully stocked Great Library, to help inform the Shadowhunters of what they were facing, and to teach them about their past. The training room, which they could enter at any time, to help the Shadowhunters prepare for encountering demons. A greenhouse loaded with a variety of garden life acts as a getaway for Jace and Clary.

The Great Library had only forty-eight surviving copies of the first ever editions of the Shadowhunter’s Codex. The Library also had Spoils, which were spoils of war, on display up until the point at which it became illegal to acquire such items. There were books related to dangerous demon magic, necromancy, demon pox, and many other subjects. This is inviting because the Shadowhunters don’t have to worry as much when they are entering the world, due to the fact that they were prepped for it with the information learned in the Library.

In the attic of the Institute, there was a training room. This was the area in which the Shadowhunters could hone their skills. With the purpose of teaching the Shadowhunters balance and flexibility, there were beams located twenty feet in the air. This area helped prepare the Shadowhunters for standing off against any demons they may encounter on their journeys. Shadowhunters can come here to train and attempt to make fighting the demons easier.

The greenhouse was at the top of the Institute, with a spiral staircase leading to it. Many of the plants in the greenhouse only grew in Idris, which is why many of the Shadowhunters tend to like the area so much. Many of them say that the aroma reminds them of Irdis. The indicated shows that the greenhouse is a welcoming spot in the Institute because it reminds many Shadowhunters of their homeland, which would relax them like a home away from home.

For all of these reasons, I believe that this area is an inviting place to live. The Shadowhunters have an area to learn about their past and to brace themselves for what they may encounter out in the world. The training room helped them hone the skills they would need to defend themselves from the demons mentioned above that may be aggressive. Finally, the greenhouse is a place which reminded them of their homeland, so it was very comforting to them.

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