The Hunger Games

Haymitch in The Hunger Games is a mentor to Katniss to give her a better chance in surviving the games. He is a better protagonist than Katniss. Haymitch is wiser, he only helps others when they are willing to work, and is better at making allies.

First, Haymitch is more experienced than Katniss. Haymitch knows how to get the capital to like Katniss and give her gifts so she can survive the Hunger Games. “‘In a few minutes, we’ll be pulling into the station. You’ll be in the hands of your stylists. You’re not going to like what they do to you. But no matter what it is, don’t resist,’ says Haymitch.”  This shows that he trusts the stylists to make the Katniss memorable so she can get sponsors. He also knows how to get an advantage in the arena. “‘People are intrigued, but no one knows who you are. The impression you make tomorrow will decide exactly what I can get you in terms of sponsors,’ says Haymitch” (Collins). Because Katniss needs to improve her attitude when talking to people from the capital, Haymitch is coaching her. This would make him a better protagonist because he has a better understanding of the capital and is wiser in his decisions.

Secondly, Haymitch also only helps when the people are willing to work. When Haymitch first meets Katniss and Peeta he doesn’t have any hope for them. “‘Here’s some advice. Stay alive.’ says Haymitch, and then bursts out laughing” (Collins). When Haymitch first meets Katniss and Peeta he doesn’t care what happens to them in the arena. Later, when the tributes actively work towards winning, Haymitch says “‘Well, you’re not entirely hopeless. Seem fit… Alright, I’ll make a deal with you. You don’t interfere with my drinking, and I’ll stay sober enough to help you,’ says Haymitch” (Collins). A possible reason is he is only helping because they asked him and when he made a joke they fought back. He wouldn’t have helped if they didn’t fight for his attention. Haymitch doesn’t care until they make him care. He knows he shouldn’t want to waste his energy on people who weren’t going to fight for their life.

Third, Haymitch is great at making allies if needed. Haymitch knows the importance of making allies, so when Katniss only wants to have one team as an ally he takes matters into his own hands. “Haymitch gave it to him. As a signal to me. An order, really. To trust Finnick” (Collins). From this we learn that Haymitch knows that Finnick will help her. He also knows that Finnick has the skills to protect her. “His trident goes whizzing over my head and there’s a sickening sound of impact as it finds its target” (Collins). Even if Katniss didn’t trust Finnick at first, she should have trusted her coach who had gotten her through the first game. Haymitch chose the right person to help Katniss which shows why he would be a better protagonist.

In conclusion, Haymitch would be a better main character. He has the wisdom to help out with the resistance. Haymitch knows his time and knowledge are precious and so he only helps people who are willing to work. Lastly, Haymitch is better at making allies, he has a better chance of getting information because he can read people better, and he is able to see an end goal better than Katniss. He should be the protagonist in the story The Hunger Games.

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