The World of The Uglies

Uglies CompareHave you read the book The Uglies? If you have, would you say it is an uninviting or an inviting place to live? I believe that world would be an uninviting place to have to live. It would be uninviting because you have two sides of the “world”. People are either classified as an Ugly or a Pretty. And when characters turn 16 they have to get a surgery to become a Pretty. To me, that would not be inviting because everyone would be the same.

The book has a place where there are two different parts: the Uglies town and the Pretties town. In the book there is a girl named Tally and her friend Shay. They are considered Ugly. The kids that are 15 and under are classified as Uglies and if you are 16 and older you are a Pretty. I believe that they are at such young age that would not be a great idea because they don’t know if you actually want to change yourselves.

Everyone starts out as an Ugly then they have to get a special surgery. The surgery takes all the Ugly parts of you and takes it away. This reason is a good reason not to become a pretty. If you got that surgery you would look like everyone else. I think if everyone did that everyone would look the same so you would not see the true person they are. People would not be able to grow up as themselves. The surgery just takes away thing but it doesn’t make you pretty.  The pretty you have is your true self and you should not change that.

The people that believe that would be an inviting place to live I can understand. I could see why if they get a surgery they will be a Pretty. They may believe that if everyone looked the same no one would get judged because everyone is the same just different names. I think if someone wants to get surgery because they think it will make you pretty but whether or not they are still pretty all they are doing is changing their outside not their inside. To me that is not inviting place to live because they are saying if people don’t change themselves they are Ugly.

   In conclusion, I believe that this world is uninviting. People should not change themselves unless they want to. If they do or don’t they are still pretty. The surgery just changes the outside of a person. This world is uninviting because everyone is separated and they are classified as either Ugly or a Pretty. Also, everyone looks the same. If everyone looked the same it would be a boring world to live in.

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