Who would be the best Beowulf Protaganist?

m          One thing that that author of Beowulf should do differently if he rewrote it would be changing the protagonist to Wiglaf. Making the story more about Wiglaf would make the book sooooo much better. The problem with Beowulf being the main character is that Wiglaf is just that much better! Wiglaf being the protagonist will make Beowulf great again!

          One of the reasons that the better protagonist for the book Beowulf is Wiglaf is because he learned a lot from following the brave, strong, smart, and confident warrior named, Beowulf. Beowulf is a warrior from the geats ruled by Ecgtheow, Beowulf’s father, and Hrothgar’s friend. When Beowulf was king and the slave stole from the dragon the others wanted the king (Beowulf) to offer the slave as a sacrifice to the dragon. Beowulf responded by saying “no, let him eat honey”. Everyone thought that he was just going crazy from his old age. Except… Yeah, you guessed it! Wiglaf. Wiglaf understood that it was an analogy and interpreted it as meaning “that we should find a little pity in our hearts for one who was driven by despair to do something he will always regret.” When Beowulf went to kill the dragon he asked Wiglaf to go with him. Now they both are very interesting and alike characters, but Wiglaf is a bit better because his heroic years started much younger than Beowulf’s and he is the one who passed around the story of Beowulf and everything we know about it came from him.

          Wiglaf helped Beowulf kill the Firedrake whilst risking his life. The main reason that the Firedrake died is that the day after it terrorized and destroyed the village Wiglaf and Beowulf and some of his other Warriors went up there carrying bees nests. Once they got to their destination it could have gone out of control real fast! Wiglaf quietly snuck through the crack into the Firedrake’s den with a white stake in his left hand and a giant glove in the right. He walked right past the tired sleeping beast. Instead of stabbing the post into the dragon’s flesh he hid behind the gold treasure. Oh no, what’s up he’s giving up and is a scaredy-cat! NOPE! It is all a part of their master plan. Beowulf then proceeds to walk in and started yelling at the Firedrake. It hissed with rage, ready to blow a heat wave of fire at Beowulf! Wiglaf jumps out and shoves the white post into his mouth propping it open. Then we learned the last exploit of Beowulf that Wiglaf was left with and he carried on the whole story of Beowulf to the rest of the world. “What is the last exploit of Beowulf?” You may ask. Well, here it is… READ THE BOOK YOURSELF TO FIND OUT!

          Now to conclude all of the incredible material Wiglaf is a way better choice for the protagonist in Beowulf! Wiglaf is LIT! He helped and was the main reason that Beowulf’s last exploit even worked. He also really entertaining and intelligent. What you guys should do to get this to happen is to tweet the hashtag, #WiglafTheProtaganist to the author @TheRealBeowulfAuthor!

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