Why The Maze Is Uninviting

 The book The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, is about people who appear in a random maze with no memory. In this maze, they attempt to escape while at the same time being hunted down by Grievers and lose many of their companions in the process. I believe the maze in The Maze Runner is uninviting because of all the dangers of the maze and the possibilities of getting lost with no food and water along with being chased by a terrifying creature that will finish you off with an agonizing death.


The first reason why the maze is uninviting is from Grievers that will chase and attempt to kill you. What are Grievers you may ask? Well, Grievers are creatures that appear half robotic and have a venom the makes their victim’s veins turn black. This causes severe pain that it will also make personality changes after the venom has completely perished. The Grievers appear in the maze at night and can quickly navigate through it to get its prey. This prey that I speak of is whoever isn’t smart enough and wanders into the maze at night. These Grievers can be extremely hard to kill and the only way to kill a Griever is hoping that at night one of the walls close crushing this creature in between the gigantic walls of the maze by using yourself as bait to get it between. This is why it makes the maze uninviting because it’s not always fun getting chased by a monster bigger than yourself that could possibly kill you with venom that causes excruciating pain. 

   A second reason that the maze is uninviting is that the maze changes every night, therefore making it close to impossible to escape. While this maze is changing at night the doors from the center of the maze were you first appear in the maze and were everyone else along with yourself lives for the duration of being in the maze. The reason why this makes the maze uninviting is the runners, the people who run the maze during daytime to map the maze, can’t actually map it. This was learned because every time they would go running through again the maze would be different, making it impossible for escape. In the process, this makes it a little harder to get back to the only safe area in the maze– the center. Another reason why it makes it difficult by changing every night is that they also get chased by what is known as a Griever the entire time. The maze makes it close to impossible to know where the Griever is coming from making the run through this maze extremely dangerous.

A third reason why the maze in The Maze Runner is an uninviting place to live in is surviving in the center of the maze where they originally appear. This part of the maze or living space has ground covered in grass with part of it covered it tall trees that make the area under them harder to see with thick darkness. In the maze, they have few buildings and rely on the supplies that come up from a metal box inside the ground and occasionally bring up a person with it every week. Why this makes it difficult is because it limits the number of supplies that they have and this makes them have to be resourceful with everything. These reasons are why everyone was freaked out.This was due to there being a note in the box saying that this was the last person and supplies making everyone panic in what might happen next.

This proves that the maze in The Maze Runner is an uninviting place to live in because every night the walls change the directions that are needed, unlike normal mazes that always stay the same making everything more difficult. Also, the Grievers kill you in the most miserable way possible making you suffer in agony before death. Not to mention the need to survive in the center without knowing much about yourself and everyone else in the center relying on given supplies.

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