What is a Hero?

Have you ever been in a scary situation and you wanted someone else to do that task for you? You need a hero, but what is a hero anyway? Someone who looks good in a suit and flies around town? That’s what some people think, but I think a hero is someone that will, in that moment, have the courage to do that task for you with a compassionate heart. They would take that risk for you so you wouldn’t have to.

Wealthow, from Beowulf, is a hero who demonstrates courage by standing up for herself and saying her opinion. Beowulf was talking about the apples and where they grow, her husband, Hrothgar, didn’t understand what Beowulf was talking about. So Wealthow stopped them and explained to him what she understood. Even though she was a woman, she had the courage to explain to her husband. I think that Wealthow has courage which makes her a hero.

Barry Allen, from The Flash, demonstrates compassion by totally stopping what he is doing in that moment, speeds to Star Labs, puts on his suit and then saves people he doesn’t know from dangerous metahumans. I think that is pretty kind of him because he could be on a date and he would find some way to leave so he can save random people he doesn’t even know. He also does this with a smile and will go through anything to save one person. I think that he is the definition of compassion which is a trait of a hero.

Mare Barrow, from Red Queen, is an example of a hero who takes risks by risking her life every day in the market, stealing from people that could catch her in the action and report her to the police. But she did it anyway so that she could provide for her family. She was also very risky by going to the market itself because she is a Red and the market is for Silvers and the Reds that sell their product. If you got caught in a Silver event and you are a Red, you could possibly die if you get caught. I think Mare is really risky, but that is a trait in a hero.

All these heroes are so different and have a different way of being a hero. Wealthow is a queen who stands up for her opinion, Barry is a speedster who saves random people, and Mare saves her family as a Red. None of them fly or can read minds, but they have their own way of being a hero, with or without powers. A hero isn’t necessarily a big, muscle man who can pick up a car and gets the girl, in the end, a hero is someone who has a compassionate heart and has the courage to do a risky task. A hero is a person who takes time out of there day to do something for someone else. A hero isn’t selfish and does whatever it takes to get the task completed.

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