Bittersweet Memories

Walking into the dark, cold room alone
She felt the memories of being in here,
The wonderful, precious, and saddening memories.
Everything still untouched from when she was last here
To think so much could happen
How long was the suffering they had felt and hadn’t said a word?
In an aspect, they were like a mime with their emotions.
She walked around the room to see the little things that made her smile.
The whale phone,
The millions of nights filled with giggles and prank calls,
All that made on that very phone
Just the long nights of them calling her when at camp with this very phone.
The camp was fun for her but she missed them.
She missed them now.
Seeing the little circle of wood with carvings of words in it
Made her smile sadly
She remembered carving in the wood to give to them for a present.
A present to show her friendship towards them.
Another token of her friendship was the rose.
The rose she had given them,
The rose was a gift for valentines
There the rose stood in a little vase.
She picked up the vase from the nightstand
Looking at the flower and touching its petals
But her hand accidentally was cut by a single thorn
In response, she let go of the vase and it fell.
The falling felt as if it was going slow motion
The water slowly dumping out, the vase hitting the carpet making a slight “THUD”
And the rose somewhat fell out of the vase being slightly squashed on the carpet.
The carpet was soaked and the vase unbroken.
She looked at her wound it was minor, didn’t even bleed, just a little cut.
She kneeled and picked up the rose and vase, going to the bathroom and using the sink to fill the vase with the rose.
She put it back on the nightstand.
Right, where it belonged.
After all this time they kept everything.
She sighed and closed her eyes before turning around and going to the door.
Before leaving she looked at the room one last time
Was all she said but she secretly promised that she would never forget,
She couldn’t forget.
And she left the room.


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