What is a Hero?

What is a Hero?

What do you think a hero is? I think a hero is someone that is daring, and willing to take risks. Some examples of this are Beowulf, Celaena, and Odysseus. They each have obstacles to overcome, and each obstacle is different and harder in there own way. Also, the definition of daring is someone who is advantageous and bold.

   I think Beowulf is daring because he was the only one that stood up to fight Grendel when everyone else was too scared. Beowulf also defeated the dragon otherwise known as the firedrake. He defeated the dragon by using bees. I personally think that is daring because I know that I would never stand up to a dragon especially after hearing stories when I was little about how they breathe fire, but that is just me. Would you fight a dragon? Beowulf is unlike Odysseus because he is bold and courageous and Beowulf is more adventurous and willing to take a risk, but they are both very bold.

    Another person I think is daring is Celaena from the book Throne of Glass. Celaena is daring because she chose not to obey the prince at the ball. She disobeyed the prince by him telling her not to go to the ball but she found a way to sneak out and go. This makes her daring because when she sneaked out she knew that she could have gotten caught but she decided to go to the ball anyway. I think that she is also strong because she fought the other assassins even though she could have gotten killed. Even though all the characters are bold, I think that Celaena is the boldest because she chose not to listen, unlike the other characters that just had a decision and went with there gut, on a journey.

    And last but not least, I think that Odysseus is daring. Odysseus is daring because he chose to go out to sea for the Trojan War and got lost. While he was at sea he came upon multiple challenges and he was not afraid. One challenge he had to face was defeating the cyclops. He defeated the cyclops by making him drink wine until he fell asleep. Once he was asleep Odysseus and his men stabbed the cyclops in his one and only eye. Also while he was out at sea there were lots of storms. I think this is daring because If I were stuck out on sea I would not be able to survive for 10 years and I would never stab a giant in the eye, especially because they are huge and the cyclops would crush me. So Odysseus is more adventurous then Beowulf because he went out to sea for 10 years and had to survive just like Celaena, and Celaena had to survive when people were trying to kill her.

   In conclusion, Beowulf, Celaena, and Odysseus are all daring but in their own way. These are just some examples of heroes that are daring. Other heroes are daring because they take risks that other people wouldn’t try or do. There are other ways to be daring, one could be to stand up to someone that maybe isn’t that nice to other people. This is why I chose to dare because I think it is a perfect Idea of a hero.


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