A Reminder

I walk up to the tee box with one thing in mind.
My mind is set on making contact with the ball.
I place the tee in the ground and press
it in till I feel the height is appropriate for
the best shot I can take with my driver,
I set the ball on the tee and watch it
wobble on the edge as if it were a dancer swaying back and forth.
I stand back and line my feet up with my target area.
The weight of the club becomes aware to me and
it feels as if it’s dragging me down and pulls me
towards the depths of despair.
Then I lift my head one last time and see you standing there.
Your warm face gives a slight glow to your
smile wrapping me up in comfort.
At that moment I look back to the ball,
bring my club back and swing through.
I feel the club make contact with the ball as the
ping of the ball hitting the driver’s head rings like music.
When I look up for the ball it appears just
inches away from the green.
Then I look up for you but you’ve vanished.
Your warm smile vanished, your glow faded and no trace was left of you.
The only thing that reminded me of you was
the green golf rag that hung from my bag.
I saw you in that rag I stole from your bag long ago before you
From now on I use it to have you always by my side though you’ve gone.

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