Why it’s important to ride a two-stroke

Two strokes were the kings of racing for the longest time. When the mid-2000’s rolled on by the four-stroke started to take over in the racing scene. Now in 2016  the two-stroke scene started to come back and has been ever since.

The reason I think two-strokes are so important to me is that in all reality the two-stroke is a much more dominant bike in the racing scene, but since so many went to the four-stroke people just think they are better without knowing the facts.

They’re very few things the four-stroke does better than the two-stroke. First, off they are better at concrete or grate starting lines as they don’t spin the tire as much and less spin means more forward bite and it will get off quicker on those surfaces they are also better for blue groove or hard pack tracks. But they suck in the mud, sand, tight corners and whoops those are all things the two-stroke will excel in and many believe this to be the opposite but the two-stroke being lighter makes it a lot more nimble and faster off the line. when you get on the throttle on a two-stroke there is a hard weight shift to the rear and when you let off there is not that much shifting back forward but on a four-stroke, the bike has both a weight shift to the back and a serious weight shift to the front because of the compression brake.

The almighty two-stroke is a rear wheel handling bike, unlike the heavy four-stroke. For a two-stroke to get out of a hard corner the two-stroke will want to lift the front tire and wheelie out, while the four-stroke will use the front wheel to turn out of the corner.

The reason this is so important to me is that I hate when people are misinformed. As you can see there are a plethora of reasons why the two-stroke is better than the four-stroke on the racing scene.  They are, more nimble, better handling, easier to ride and are better at features most commonly found on a track.


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