The poem had flown through the wind, The apple fell because of the wind, The pen fell, But the branch didn't, How does it do it? Why does it do it? They flew so fast, But fell so slow, Some people like them, Some people don’t, Why is this so?

Run Away

The boy ran away shutting the door with a loud BANG! From his problems and everything else Not knowing where to go Or where to stay All because he had a million chores to do… Cowboy boots is what he had Came from his family they did When he went away He took the coin … Continue reading Run Away


Oh, how I love spaghetti! I get my noodles out of the mystery box. That I purchased from the clearance rack. The raw noodles are as hard as the pencil that I stole from Christian. When I boil the water, the noodles do backflips. Just like I have done before I take them out of the … Continue reading Spaghetti