Run Away

The boy ran away shutting the door with a loud BANG! From his problems and everything else Not knowing where to go Or where to stay All because he had a million chores to do… Cowboy boots is what he had Came from his family they did When he went away He took the coin … Continue reading Run Away


Oh, how I love spaghetti! I get my noodles out of the mystery box. That I purchased from the clearance rack. The raw noodles are as hard as the pencil that I stole from Christian. When I boil the water, the noodles do backflips. Just like I have done before I take them out of the … Continue reading Spaghetti


Family. Not represented By a photo And not by a ring But by the memories We have shared The memory of us throwing a baseball into a window And there was our first reputation And our first financial fix And our first argument Family.